Future of the internet — is for SSL

SSL certificate will protect your reputation and visitors of your website. Hackers won’t steal their credit card information, usernames and passwords.

Secure your website

Our security solutions are aimed at monitoring your site for suspicious activity and protecting it against brute force and DDoS attacks.

We protect your online resources using SSL Certificates and other Internet
Security tools designed to keep the bad guys at bay. These are:

  • SSL Certificates
  • Code Signing Certificate
  • Premium DNS
  • Site Lock Website Security
  • DDoS Protection

What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is an internet protocol for securing data transfer between a user’s browser and the website they are visiting.

Every internet user transfers information when they visit websites. This information can often be sensitive like payment details, credit card information, or login credentials.


Using the normal HTTP protocol means this information can be hijacked by hackers. This is where SSL or HTTPS comes in.

Websites using SSL need a SSL certificate issued by one of the recognized certificate issuing authority. This certificate is verified and highlighted in user’s browser address bar with a padlock sign and HTTPS instead of HTTP.

Why you need an SSL?

When you visit a website, your browser connects to the web server which is running this specific site. If connection is not secure, hackers can steal your usernames, passwords and credit card numbers. SSL certificates create secure connection.


With an SSL all data you enter remains encrypted. Even if hackers get access to your information, they won’t decrypt it.

SSL certificates have become a must for companies of any size.They protect sensitive information and increase your revenue because visitors trust websites with SSL.

New standard from Google and Firefox

Want to get to the Google top?
Purchase an SSL certificate!

The most popular search engine has changed the ranking rules —now sites that use HTTPS-connection, climb higher in the search results.

According to Bloomberg, by 2020 online transactions volume is to grow up to 27.7 trillion USD. However, the number of fraud cases rises too. That is why technology companies are constantly working on protecting their users.

Apple requires apps to use secure network connections over HTTPS. Google search robots label websites without SSL certificates as insecure and lower their positions in search results. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox flag HTTP pages as “Not Secure”. This way browsers warn visitors that hackers can steal their personal information and money.

Own an SSL-certificate & move your website to HTTPS not only to securely protect your site, but also to improve your search engine ranking, attract a lot more visitors, boost their trust and EARN MORE.

Protect your site | Attract more visitors | boost their trust



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