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What are Domains?

Computers communicate by using numbers, called Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, to contact each other, much like you use a phone number to dial a specific person’s phone.

Domain names provide you with a simple human friendly way to locate websites on the internet! Your domain can be used for a website, for an email account or for both! When used for a website, this is what people will find your business with on the web.

Kinds of Domains

A domain name can be registered for any individual or business entity. we will find the perfect domain among the numerous available categories:-

Top-Level Domains (TLDs): .com .org .net .edu .biz .me

Internationalized country code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs): .ke .tz .ug .za .au .uk .au .ca .de .eu .fr .hk .il .ng .so

Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs): .agency .academy .biz .bio .church .club .college .accounting .consulting .guru .info .lawyer .associates .aero .systems .xyz


Protect your privacy

Protect your personal information

with anonymous domain registration

– Stop domain-related junk email, spam, or calls

– Prevent the selling of your personal information

– Protect yourself against identity theft or fraud

Protect your personal details

ICANN, the international governing body for domain names, requires every domain registrar to maintain a publicly viewable “WHOIS” database that displays personal contact information (including home addresses and phone numbers) for every registered domain. Domain privacy protects your personal information from being captured via this database.

What domain privacy means for you

Because of ICANN’s WHOIS policy, the personal information you list when registering your domain is available to anyone with internet access. WHOIS privacy circumvents this privacy issue by displaying our company information rather than your own personal data. Your personal information stays private while you maintain complete ownership and control of your domain.

Why domain privacy?

With WHOIS privacy your information is masked with our own.

Protect your personal information

Stop junk mail and sales calls

Prevent against stalkers or harassers

You remain the owner of the domain

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